About Us

Downsizing With Ease – The original and trusted company helping people move and downsize for over 20 years

21 years ago, just before my 40th birthday, my husband and I moved back to Sydney. As luck would have it my parents’ neighbour was selling his removal business.

This was a new start for both of us and we were certainly up for the challenge. Our clear intention was to change the perception of our removals business from burly blokes lugging furniture around to a company that understood the impact of relocating on everyone involved..

It didn’t take long for both of us to realise that when our clients were moving into a smaller home they became incredibly stressed. They ended up taking far too many of their possessions with them, which only exacerbated that stress in their new, smaller home.

I knew there had to be a better way.

I needed some guidance on how to develop the business that I had planned in my head. I successfully applied for assistance from a local Small Business Advisor.

The business I had planned in my head needed some guidance to develop. Fortunately my application for assistance from a Small Business Advisor was successful.

The day of my meeting arrived. I remember it so clearly, sitting in my little office and feeling very excited and proud of what I was doing. I explained where I was trying to take the business and that I wanted to create an offshoot, called ‘Downsizing With Ease’.

He looked at me as if I had two heads! He laughed and rather pompously exclaimed, “Downsizing, I have never heard of it. It means nothing and I don’t believe it is a service that people would ever need.” He suggested I stick to being a removalist.

But my gut instinct – or as my Aunt would say, “you can feel it in your waters!” – and with the empathy I had for my clients when they were moving, I knew I was on the right track. Almost 18 years later, having helped over 1,300 people downsize and move into over 150 different villages, I realise my instincts (or my waters) were right on track.

My intention now is to use my 20+ years of knowledge in the industry, combined with a wealth of experience in helping over 5000 people move with care, compassion and practical advice, to give everyone the stress-free move they deserve.

Are you or a family member planning to downsize? Talk to me today. – Lorraine Cox, Downsizing With Ease.


At Downsizing With Ease, we love giving back and for many years we have enjoyed the privilege of helping a number of charities with donations of our clients’ unwanted goods or being able to sell the goods and make monetary donations. As part of our packages, we strive to do our very best to identify a charity that may be able to use any unwanted goods and find ways to deliver those resources to those charities in need. No stone will be left unturned in trying to find a home for suitable goods. For decades, we have seen first-hand how any contributions can make a dramatic and meaningful difference for people in need.