Concierge Service including Concierge Plus

Concierge Service including Concierge Plus

This package consists of but is not limited to the following. To find out more about this package and how we can help you please call or email us.

You’ve made it to the big day, but you’re not sure what to do before the moving team arrive. The thought of being ready first thing in the morning is daunting, you need help getting organised, and you’d like to have someone there with you to help guide the moving team and to be there with you at the other end as you settle into your new home.

The Concierge Service is a first in the industry which we designed to give you a personal assistant who will stay with you all through the moving process until after the removal team have gone, making sure all has gone to plan with the move. We even make sure your bed is made up ready for the first night.

Some of the features of this package include:

  • Your own personal assistant who will be there from before the removal team arrives, ensuring you have had breakfast and are ready for the big day ahead. Or if you have chosen to stay away the night before the move, they will be on hand when the removalist arrives to let them in and guide them over the course of the day.
  • Assistance with last minute things before the removal team arrives. It might be making sure your medications are packed separately so they are not packed at the bottom of boxes and are readily accessible when required, or one of the many other things that can so easily be overlooked.
  • A caring supporter who will check throughout the day that you do all those important things like stay hydrated, organise lunch, and any other personal needs you have that can easily be forgotten on such a momentous day.
  • A check to ensure you are happy with the removal team, someone to deal with any concerns should there be any, and a liaison with the village for any concerns or requests you may have once you’ve moved in.
  • An extra pair of eyes, ears and feet for you on moving day, so you don’t have to deal with unforeseen issues if they arise.

The Concierge Service is one of our most popular services. Having an expert on hand to manage what is often a stressful, demanding day can give you the peace of mind you need, and a good night’s sleep in your new home when it’s all done and dusted.

And if your wish list has a few more services than those we’ve listed here, we can do that too.

The Concierge Plus Service has all the features of the Concierge Service with an additional range of premium benefits that we will tailor to your specific needs.

For example, many downsizers like us to check in the next day and follow up with the after-move details that inevitably occur. Some require more support prior to the move. We will liaise with the village manager or other service providers as needed. In fact, we won’t leave until we’re sure you’re fully and comfortably settled and ready enjoy your new home.

Our packages are designed to be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

To find out more about this package, please call 1300 795 526 or email