Manage Your Move Package

Manage Your Move Package

This package consists of but is not limited to the following. To find out more about this package and how we can help you please call or email us.

If you’ve decided it’s time to move but you aren’t sure where to start, this package is for you. We will help manage the downsizing and moving process from start to finish with advice, timelines and solutions.

The Manage Your Move Package is designed to assist in the smooth transition from your current home to your new home. Not knowing where to start can be hard enough. Struggling with what to do from that point until the day of the move can then exacerbate the feelings of stress. It can leave you not wanting to move at all.

We will make the transition to your new home seamless and stress free by helping you obtain the best quotes for the services you feel you need as well as suggesting and advising on those you may not have thought of.

From preparing your home for sale, and the multitude of tasks that go with that; to decluttering, packing, and moving, we guide and support you with our unsurpassed expertise gained from 20 years of experience and our in-depth industry know-how. We do all the sourcing of information, present it to you in an easy to understand manner, and help make the decision-making process clearer and easier.

  • A personal in home consultation to determine exactly which services are required and where you will need professional help throughout your downsizing and moving process.
  • A customised timeline of what tasks need to be performed and by when, to make your downsizing move as easy and enjoyable as possible.
  • Advise and coach you on how to get the best service from your real estate agent as well preparing your house for sale.
  • Weekly phone call progress check-ins with our consultant leading up to your moving day, to see how you are tracking, help troubleshoot any issues and determine if you require any additional support, plus unlimited email or phone support throughout the process. We also visit you again before moving day so you know, and we know, you’re set up and ready to go.
  • Obtaining quotes for services required, as well as our guidance in navigating the lengthy process of planning and organising what you need to action before you move, ranging from organising tip runs, skip hire, council pick-ups and charity donations, to hiring and scheduling cleaning services and other professionals as needed.
  • The services of our consultant as the liaison between your chosen Village and your Removal Company to ensure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly on the day you move into your new home. And if it doesn’t, we’re there to help with alternative arrangements should there be a need.

The Manage Your Move Package means that making that downsizing move has never been so easy.

Our packages are designed to be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

To find out more about this package, please call 1300 795 526 or email