Other partners: Nursing Homes, Real Estate Agents

Other partners: Nursing Homes, Real Estate Agents

Nursing Homes:
We know there are times when you will have a new resident preparing to move in who has no family to help with clearing out their home. Our experience allows us to assist them with compassion and respect. We work within your resident’s budget and time constraints to sort and manage their precious personal items and to ensure the best result for everyone.

At other times, residents may have family help to sort through the goods they wish to take, or not. In these situations we offer our Item Disposal Service. As with everything we do, our care and empathy ensure that these items that once belonged to someone who loved them are disposed of with respect, while being mindful of financial outcomes.

Real estate agents:
We have an aging population with an increasing number of the elderly who do not know where to start when they decide to sell their home.

With over 20 years’ experience helping people downsize and move, we have witnessed the emotions they go through when it comes time to put their house on the market.

For some it is so difficult they often decide not to go through with it.
Many also reject the thought of having their house styled.

Our team at Downsizing With Ease are skilled at managing the entire process. From styling their home with the clients own precious items, decluttering ready for photos, and assisting in the preparation required for each Open House, our team is there to ensure a smooth process, not just for the client but for your staff as well.

We will work with you and your client to ensure you both have a stress-free downsizing journey.